Casinos are another type of banks

May 16, 2012 |

Frequent players usually end up without funds

This coincides with the casinos idea of gambling

The location does not really matter, whether it is at a poker table, roulette or blackjack table, the great casinos of the world already have their destiny written.  The greatest gamblers in the world, or those who have unrestricted access to the VIP rooms and that place bet of thousands of dollars, also have another advantage, which common gamblers do not have.  They know that they have a wide range of funds to spend and if they do lose all of their capital, they could always ask for a loan.  Some people might ask, and who will loan them any money? And the answer is very simple, the same casino will loan them more money to keep playing.
This is why some casinos are now playing the same role as a bank does and why more people are gaining gambling debts around the world.  These casinos finance their clients through a loan which can have or not some interests and which will be paid either in a short term or midterm period of time.  But this is not all, casinos are resembling banks more every day, because not only will they loan some money to their clients, but they will previously do a credit investigation on them, by accessing a database called the Central Credit and located in Colorado, USA.  This database is updated every month and it contains all of the people who owe money to casinos. This allows a casino to identify those people who owe money to other casinos and to make the decision whether they should lend some funds to them or not.  This is really becoming a huge enterprise and some people already owe so much that they have had to declare bankrupt.  If you are not a compulsive gambler, you can certainly benefit from some of these services, as sometimes you will not have enough cash to keep gambling, but you might have ways to pay some of the money you ask for in a couple of days and this will not affect you at all.
Casinos now allow players to pay with a personal or business check.  They can also pay their debts in cash and sometimes with some credit cards.  It is usually between 2% and 10% what casinos decide to choose as interest for these loans and the time that the player expects to pay for them as well.  If a player does not pay, the phone calls will not stop and they will be restricted from entering any casino.  This is why it is important to be sure that you can pay your casino loans and that you will not have problems getting those funds, because other legal problems could occur as well.
Many of the players, who can bet a lot of money, show themselves off, because this will grab the attention of the casino managers and they will get better informed about the loan options and other services that are available to important players like jets and special shows.  Being one of the most important gamblers at a casino will always be a privilege, but you must make sure that you do have the capital to back this up, as if you are not capable of paying your debts, you could even end up doing some jail time.
Casinos are becoming more like banks every day and this is certainly a good thing for some of the people who like gambling and that are able to control themselves.  These opportunities allow them to gamble without risking some of their money instantly and even making some money without risking anything.

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