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July 8, 2012 |

Casino Poker

casino pokerCasino poker is big business and the business is increasing rapidly, part of this increase is down to the casino poker variations on offer. When many people first start enjoying poker they do not realise that this great card game carries different variations, these variations means that you can never get bored as you can simply switch to a different poker style.

Now the interesting thing about casino poker variations is that there is two distinct ways of looking at them. The first is that there are physically three different types of poker; the second is that there are then sub types of these different poker variants. This means that it can get quite confusing for a poker newcomer as they don’t know which type and variant they are playing and what the rules are for each.

Online Poker Variations

Today we will go into some detail to explain the casino poker variations and the poker game they come from so you have a stronger idea of your poker game.

As mentioned, there are three main types of poker. These three types of poker are called Draw Poker, Stud Poker and Community Card Poker. On top of this there is the oldest form of poker called straight poker.

Straight poker is a game where each player enjoys a full hand that is run on only one round with raising bets allowed. The idea is that at the end of the round a winner will be found without the need for players to lose and go onto other rounds.

After straight poker we are left with the main three types, the information about these can be found below:

Draw Poker

Draw poker starts with all players getting a full hand dealt to them with the cards facing down. The players then get involved in the betting process before reviewing their hand and changing any cards that don’t fit their needs.

There is only one real sub type to Draw Poker which is called five card draw. In five card draw players get their five cards dealt face down and then review them before placing bets, once bets are placed players will advise how many cards they wish to change. The cards are then changed with the dealer for new ones from the top of the pack.

Another betting session occurs after the cards are changed with players left showing their hands to dictate the winner.

Many people will know of the five card draw poker type because it’s the easiest form to play and many play this version at home for this reason.

Stud Poker
Stud poker is not that dissimilar to Draw Poker with the only main difference being that cards are dealt both faces down and face up in a specified order.

The two main sub types are seven card stud and five card stud. Both variants are similar in design, but one uses 7 cards and the other 5 cards as the name suggests.

In the 7 card game from the first three cards, two cards are dealt without being shown whilst one is dealt face up, the fourth to sixth card are dealt face up and the seventh is dealt face down.

In the 5 card version the first two cards are dealt with one face down and one face up, all other cards are dealt face up so the players are left with one face down and four face up cards.

[geocode id=2] Community Card Poker

The Community Card Poker type is the most well known due to its two sub type versions; these are Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha Hold ‘em.

In Texas Hold ‘em each player will receive two cards that are face down, the dealer will then deal five cards face up to them self, these are the community cards, hence the name. Once the players have their cards they will try to make the best hand possible using the five community cards and their two cards to see if they can win the poker game.

In Omaha Hold ‘em each player is given four cards and must choice 2 of them to use in their hand with the three or five community cards on offer (dependant on whether it’s a 5 card or 7 card version) . Once they have their best hand and been through the betting process the winner takes the pot.

Most Used Poker Variation Today

The Community Card Poker type is the most used poker type in online poker, in fact the Texas Hold ‘em sub type is the most played poker online today. Its rise in prominence is in part down to being an easy to play poker type. This means that those new to the online casino world are able to enjoy the wonders of poker by playing Texas Hold ‘em as they can confidently understand the rules and engage in strategy.

With an ever increasing number of people turning to playing online poker and Texas Hold ‘em being the simplest of poker types, it’s no wonder that this poker game is becoming more and more the poker game of choice.

If you are new to poker it is worth reading up more on the different poker types to see which one interests you. Whilst you are getting to grips with the poker variation that you find interesting, why not engage in playing Texas Hold ‘em so you can also comfortably play an easy variation.

Casinos on land and all the poker online sites always carry Texas Hold ‘em as a poker type.

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