Big Winners at Rushmore Casino

May 26, 2012 |

Rushmore Casino has excelled itself once again this month as it has delivered some massive winners, wins that have changed the lives of these lucky players forever. When we talk about big wins we are talking about people who have won four, five, six…. even seven figure sums. This month has seen at least 10 big wins of four and five figures.

Rushmore Casino is an online casino that carries a huge reputation, a reputation that is backed up by the fact that it has big winners on a regular basis. Since its inception Rushmore Casino has always been a big paying online casino, but recent times have shown that Rushmore Casino is clearly one of the big guns in this day and age.

To show you how there have been a lot of big winners recently at Rushmore Casino, we have compiled a list of big May winners for you:

Mary A.     Bunko Bonanza (Video Slots)     $43,317.50
Ivy C.     Aztecs Treasure (Video Slots)     $41,454.35
Lucille B.     Caesar’s Empire (Video Slots)     $37,735.00
Charles S.     European Roulette     $34,050.00
Mary R.     Enchanted Garden (Video Slots)     $33,060.50
Nicole S.     Double Double Bonus Poker (Video Poker)     $18,000.00
Heidi C.     Coat of Arms (Video Slots)     $15,626.35
Rose S.     Loch Ness Loot (Video Slots)     $9,362.00
Nancy G.     Goldbeard (Video Slots)     $8,413.00
Mathieu B.     Pay Dirt (Video Slots)     $8,069.37

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As you can see these wins are huge, but there is more to these big wins than meets the eye. Firstly the wins happened across a multitude of different games, showing you can win on any casino game at Rushmore Casino.

While the wins happened across a number of games the most notable fact is that the video slots are the place where the big wins happen. If you look at the q0 big wins this month, you will notice that 8 of them occurred on the video slots, the other two being on poker and the roulette table. Its long been known that slots are the big payers on a frequent basis, but this information seems to back this up further.

Of the video slots on offer all the wins occur across the network of slots with no one slot having more than one big win. The biggest win of forty three thousand, three hundred and seventeen dollars happened on the Bunko Bonanza video slot, this is a slot that many are not aware of and is also the first time we have seen it in the big payers list.

It’s also important to note that the Loch Ness Loot video slot paying out just under ten thousand is a new slot so it’s nice to see its already paying out large amounts to the players who are enjoy playing it.

Rushmore Casino is a brilliant online casino with a wealth of online casino games to enjoy, more importantly it is also an online casino that not only promises big payouts, and it also delivers them too. With this in mind, could Rushmore Casino be the casino for you?

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