Begado’s Promotions Rock, and the Mega Moolah Pays out!

December 17, 2012 |

Lots of cash up for grabs this winter

As you very well know, online casinos don’t really need a special reason to give away a lot of money to their most loyal users. Most days they are already providing you with the best promotions and bonuses out there, created especially for your bankroll to expand. Despite this, the big online casinos out there never back out when it comes to offering some more perks to their clients. And with the holiday season upon us, it’s time once again to get ready to get paid!

Begado Casino

Begado Casino, one of the highest ranking new casinos in the world right now.

Begado Casino, one of the highest ranking new casinos in the world right now.

Begado’s lineup of promotions remains one of the best online casino promos we’ve ever seen. With just under ten thousand dollars offered to new players, they’re just about as good as online casino gamers will get. This 333% deposit bonus is perfect for both online casino beginners and experienced players who are looking for a new place to try out some online gambling in a new place. If this sounds like a great deal to you too then you’d better check out our previous Begado Casino Review and check back often for more Begado Casino news to see what you should expect from the site in the future – as soon as we get wind of a deal that’s about to go down on Begado Casino, you can be sure that we’ll be on top of things and cover everything every step of the way.

And if your welcome bonus at Begado Casino has run out, you can always apply for more: weekly bonuses are a thing at Begado, and the more you deposit, the higher your bonus will be. To give you some perspective and show you just how much more you can win if you deposit more, here are the facts: if you deposit just above the $21 initial limit you’re going to get a 190% deposit bonus, while if you were to deposit a much heftier amount of at least $500, your bonus would increase to 355% of your deposit. There are seven total steps where the bonuses increase, and with each step you get more bang for your buck!

The Mega Moolah

If you aren’t into online casino gaming for one particular online casino, but you do love online casino games, you have surely heard about the Mega Moolah online slot machine. We’ve previously covered it here on Cash Casino, and now the Amazing Mega Moolah Jackpot is in the news again. We talked about its jackpot getting past the $6 million mark, more than ten percent of the total payout from the Mega Moolah slot machine since it was first created, and in the meantime this amazing game has managed to make one lucky Blackjack Ballroom player extremely happy, after giving away 5.8 million… British Pounds!

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This is approximately 9.3 million US Dollars by the latest accounts, and it’s the biggest jackpot to be paid out in the last couple of years anywhere in the online casino business! This astonishing record has surpassed the previous one that amazed all of us in October of last year, and unsurprisingly it was the Mega Moolah again who paid out 3.8 million Euros that time to another lucky winner.

This just goes to show you that if you dream big you can do it in an online casino with the smallest investment!

Winter is coming… and it’s great!

With online casino exposure being at an all time high, there has never been a better time for you to start playing these games. So pick out a cool game or online casino and try your luck out there!

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