Anna Nicole Smith still gives something to talk about

December 12, 2011 |

Some erotic photographs of the famous woman were recently released

She poses with an ad for an online casino

Before the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith in 2007, she posed for some photographs, while she was pregnant. She appears completely naked, painted in a golden color and with some ads for an online casino.  These photographs have caused a lot of sensation, because the actress has been dead for a few years now.

The photographs were apparently taken during the time the actress was pregnant with her daughter Danielynn.  The only thing that covers her naked body are her hands and some ads for, which is an online casino.  During the time that these pictures were taken, the actress had signed a contract with this site and she was simply fulfilling her part of the deal.

The actress apparently signed with Golden Palace Online Casino, after the death of her son Daniel 2006 and was barely recovering from that tragic event.  Anna looked beautiful in those pictures and even though her body was not as hot as it used to be in the past, she still had some great looks.  These pictures are probably going to be offered to the public in the near future and many will surely be willing to pay great sums of money for them.

The photographs were supposed to be launched as part of the marketing campaign of Golden Palace Online Casino, but when the actress suddenly died, the company decided not to publish them in respect to her family members and friends. This was certainly the right decision and now these photographs are probably worth even more.

Other online casinos are also starting to look at celebrities as a method for attracting people to play in their websites and although it may sound weird, this might be an excellent tactic to attract customers to your business. Hiring some celebrities to assist to one of your business events might be a profitable investment, if you know how to appropriately market the idea.

Anna Nicole Smith was known for many things and one of them was her beauty. These recently released photographs only prove that she was one of the best looking actresses of her time and industry.  She was part of a changing time in the film industry and she was certainly having some personal problems at the end of her life. Now we can all remember her for all of the work she did and the many recordings that remain behind her.

Until the moment no family member or friend, has stated anything about the photographs that show this actress in some marketing campaign pose. Golden Palace directors have yet to make a statement also and many are anxiously waiting to see what is going to happen to these photographs.  Many want to find out if they are going to be auctioned, because photos like these are something most investors would love to get their hands on.

Golden Palace Online Casino is now operating in certain countries of the world, due to some of the online gambling restrictions that some countries or states are launching.  These are certainly not benefiting many online business investments and this is not helping the world wide economy problem.  More news about the Anna Nicole Smith photographs will be known in the next couple of days and this is surely a story that everybody should follow.  These are gambling news, because the online casino by the name Golden Palace, will ahve to explain how these photographs got exposed and if they do have the permission to show them to the public.  If they do not, they could end up in some legal problems and some interesting things could happen with this story.

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