American Express

Payment for online gaming at cash casinos through American Express cards or AmEx cards is perhaps the oldest payment method. The American Express card company has a presence in over 130 countries and is recognized worldwide. Most online gaming sites, casinos, poker sites and bingo sites accept payment through American Express cards.


Advantages of the AmEx Card


The biggest advantage of Amex cards as a payment option is that it is universally accepted by most sites, even those that have a problem with other credit cards. Moreover, it allows you to make higher deposits to your gaming account, unlike other credit cards, provided of course that you have the Platinum or Centurion cards.

The best part of using these cards is that you are eligible for a variety of casino bonuses offered by these gaming sites. It is interesting to note that most gaming sites offer a variety of bonuses for making quick and prompt payments. Using the American Express card, you can avail a wide variety of such bonuses from various sites, which in turn makes online gaming more attractive to the casino players.


Pointers to consider while Using AmEx


american expressLike most casino credit cards, the American Express card is also simple to use, absolutely safe and secure, and definitely fast. It is the most reputed as well as recognized card worldwide, having over several million users globally. It is pertinent to note that while most casinos and online gaming sites accept American Express cards, banks may have a problem with such transactions. Moreover, there could be some limitations on the amount of deposit you can make, depending on the type of card you possess. Irrespective of the number of deposits you make, there is no extra charge for making such deposits. This makes it really easy and less expensive to use these cards. Moreover, with the American Express card, you can also withdraw winnings to your account directly, without requiring any other withdrawal method.